Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well, my theory about Riley's illness this weekend being because of the heat was wrong, because Todd is home in bed today with the same sort of thing...must have been some weird kind of bug.

Anyway, I finally took the video from Riley's recital rehearsal off of the camera, and uploaded it. Grams has a video from the real recital, but this one wasn't too bad:

And here are a few pictures:


Jaime said...

What a sweet little girl...and a sweet little dance. Which BTW, I couldn't have kept up with all those kicks + arm movement things. And I had a nice giggle at the little girl who fell on her tooshy.

Oh, I can't wait for Addison to participate in something fun. I'll be a nervous wreck when she does...but I can't wait.
Thanks for the video!!

Melanie said...

Aww that is TOO CUTE! I really need to put Valerie in a dance class.