Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend update

So, I am feeling ok- not great, but I don't really expect to feel great again until probably after I deliver! Saturday was rough- I was really tired and dizzy and took a nice long nap when Riley did...although I do that every weekend, so that isn't too unusual! I read on the pill bottles afterwards that each medication will make me drowsy and dizzy, so I supsect that is what happened. On Sunday I gathered up some energy and Riley and I met Grams at the baby store and I bought a changing pad for the changing table and a going home outfit. We bought a little one...I think she will probably be pretty tiny. Then I crashed the rest of the day :)

Not sleeping very well- I am literally up EVERY HOUR at night to use the restroom...between all of the fluid in my on Friday, and the pills that are diuretics, and everything I am drinking now to prevent dehydration...yup- every single hour!!

I have an OB appt this afternoon, so I am going to ask them some questions. One of my concerns is the fact that I seem to be losing, and not gaining, weight. I am not sure why...and this concerns me. I have lost 2 lbs over the last month, so that brings my weight total to only 20 lbs. Not sure where it is going- my belly is definately growing bigger, LOL! Maybe that will make it easier to lose all of this weight once Annie makes her appearance.

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