Tuesday, June 17, 2008

OB appt update

Had another OB appointment today- was supposed to go on Thursday, but I moved it up due to some unknown pain I seem to be having recently at night....thought it was heartburn, doctor says no...but is not sure what it is. That is reassuring, right??! Oh, well, said if it keep happening, they will look into it further- hope it doesn't keep happening- really, really, really hurts!!!

Lost a pound- not sure what to think about that. Nurse said maybe last time I had heavier clothes on....think not, since it is still like, 100 degrees here!!! Ok, more like 90, but it is still HOT!!! Baby measuring fine, hearbeat fine, nurse today me I have a rapid pulse??? Strange appointment, all around :)

Riley and Todd are at the pool...she was so excited to go. LOVES to swim....they might not come back :)

Guess that is it...still have Atlanta pics to put up and from the "Baby Sprinkle"...hope to get to them soon.

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