Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our day at L & D

So, I had Friday off again from work- yay for summer schedule! Wasn't really sure what I wanted to do this time, but Riley wanted to go to school for Share Time, so I figured I would send her and have another day to myself, since her school is closed next Thursday and Friday, we would have plenty of quality time together!

Anyway, I had a rough night on Thursday- up many times with some intestinal stuff….but Riley slept late- like 8:30, and so we headed off to school. After I dropped her off, I realized I wasn't feeling well again, so I headed home, got in bed and just laid there. I had a back ache, and just felt crampy. Then the contractions started. At first they were just annoying- and I wasn't really paying attention to them. Then they I started counting...and sure enough, I was having more than 6 an hour, which is the cut-off. Then I started timing them...and some where coming every 6-7 minutes. So I started to freak- and called Todd. He immediately told me to call the OB, which I did, and they made me an appt for 1:30- it was about 11:30 at this point.

Todd came home, and we really started timing them....they were anywhere from 2-8 minutes apart...the 2 minute ones really scared us! So, I took a shower...they still were coming...we ate a little lunch...still coming, and headed to the OB.

They took me right back- weighed me- lost another pound- more on this later....and told me I was moderately dehydrated. Then the OB checked me- no dilation, thank goodness...and put me on the monitor. Sure enough, they recorded every 4 minutes, so off we went to the hospital!

Once there, they did the same stuff- hooked me to the monitor- Annie was kicking away the whole time, so I knew she was fine. Contractions still coming- they tested my urine again and said, again, that I was dehydrated, and hooked me to an IV and ran a bag of fluids very quickly. Then I got a shot of something- bretherine- I think...and that made me super-jittery...but it worked! Contractions slowed, and then pretty much stopped.

Grams and Gramps picked up Riley and took her to visit us...we though a trial run at the hospital might help prepare her for the real thing...she seems ok with the whole thing- not nervous at all, so that is good.

So, they sent me home after 1/2 another bag of fluids, with a prescription for some kind of drug that I have to take twice a day to calm the contractions, and also an antibiotic, since they also found a UTI. And more orders to take it easy, and to certainly come back if needed.

So, kind of a scary, not fun day...gave Todd and me a little bit of a wake-up call. The nurse said they only try to stop the contractions up to 36 weeks...which is 3 weeks away...which might mean little Annie could come as soon as 3 weeks!!!! I am not ready at all...all I kept thinking is that my bag isn't packed yet :) I am sure I am missing some stuff here....trying to get all of this in while Riley takes a bath with Todd!

More later, including what we all did when we came home last night...and as much as I wanted to, it wasn't SLEEP!!!

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