Friday, August 29, 2008

Just a real quickie update

My new favorite picture:

We are doing well!! I am exhausted, but very, very happy!! Annie is such a good eater, and a good sleeper, Riley loves her and I could not ask for anything else!!

Nannie and Poppie have been here all week, and have been a big help with the girls. It is nice to have some extra hands.

I am slowly healing- it has been a lot more difficult than I thought- and I can't wait to feel completely better and get out of this house with Annie...right now I can't even lift her in her baby carrier for us to go anywhere, even though I have been cleared to drive. Oh, well...we can try something next week maybe!

Guess that is it...I have more pics, just need to go through them....

Friday, August 22, 2008

More from us...

A few more pictures from the hospital:

I was there three nights, and definitely ready to go home when we did. They said we could stay another night- in fact, both doctors actually recommended it, but we were ready to be back in our own house, and back with Riley, too. So, we headed home on Sunday, and the first night was pretty rough. I don't think I got a whole lot of sleep, between being in pain, not being able to lay flat at all and really still not moving around much except to go to the bathroom. We slept downstairs, thinking it would be easier on me, and also not sure if I could walk up the stairs yet. I slept in the chair!! Annie did well...she was up a lot, but overall, we survived.

Things are much better now...I am starting to feel better and can move around a lot better...Annie is a great eater and an ok (although very loud) sleeper. We are starting to learn more about each other. She is an excellent nurser, thankfully...I need to write a whole post about breastfeeding issues....

She had her fist pediatrician appt yesterday- she is 8 lbs 15 oz, so almost back up to her birthweight and still 22 inches. That makes her 50th percentile for weight, and 95th for length!!! We have one tall baby! But her weight is just average, so even though she feels and seems big to me after Riley, she is just right!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some more pics...

because I know this is really what every one wants...some pics from our first few days in the hospital:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

She has finally joined us

Annie Jane Hildebrand
August 15, 2008
9 pounds
22 inches long
Born via emergency c-section

More to follow, with pictures, of course!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Boo-boos and belly

Sometimes I think Riley's whole life revolves around her boo-boos and injuries! I just dropped her off at school, and the first words out of her mouth to her teacher were to describe how she fell down this weekend and hurt her toe. This morning she was complaining that her knee hurt (which she promptly forgot about as she ran and jumped on my bed!). She loves band-aids and will ask for them on the tiniest of cuts or least she is past the point where she leaves said band-aid on FOREVER...and it gets all gooey and icky and then when she finally takes it off- that gooey, icky stuff stays on for two more weeks!

Anywho...still pregnant...according to MY calculations I am 39 weeks today- my OB has a different opinion, but I am right, and they are wrong! Trust me. I never thought I would make it this far- Miss Annie must be really comfortable in there, because it appears she is not budging. I have another OB appt on Wednesday, and we will be discussing what to do to get her out :) I am scared she is going to be belly is so enourmous- but still only have like a 22 lb weight gain...crazy!! Of course, that may have changed now since I have developed a "slight" obsession with chocolate chip cookies over the last few weeks...or anything with chocolate chips- muffins and pancakes count, too!!

Guess that is it for now...I have put myself on a limited work schedule for the rest of the week- I just can not do the whole day anymore. I worked a lot last week since my assistant was out on vacation, and every night I was so ill starting at about 8pm- Todd was about ready to kill me. So, this week I am just hitting the meetings and doing what I need to do, and then coming home to rest...I figure I will take the rest now while I still can!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Riley tidbit

I think I have hinted at the fact that Riley has become much more verbal lately- I think it is from moving into her new classroom. She was always a good talker- she articulates her words very well from what I can tell- and has always communicated with us well. But, ever since moving, she talks now pretty much non-stop...I pick her up from school and she literally DOES NOT stop talking until we get home. Maybe it is because the kids in her room are older now- the little ones in the old room just didn't talk as much or as well- honestly- some of them I really could not understand at all...and we are talking 3 year olds!

Anyway, today I sent an email to her teacher, Ms Kelly, just to share my address in case she ever needs me for anything, and also to encourage her to send me emails during the day to tell me little Riley tidbits (I know she does this for some of the other moms)...and this is what I got back:


I’m so glad Riley is enjoying herself. She is doing really well and she is very well behaved. She has been talking a lot at school about Annie.

Today she held my hand and walked around the playground with me to get some exercise without getting “too hot.” We discussed what we had eaten for dinner the night before and what foods we liked best. (She can be quite the conversationalist!)

I’ve added a tally count beside the Great Day chart so we can keep up with our days and get to the ice cream party.

Too funny...sounds just like my girl!

Monday, August 4, 2008

38 weeks and holding

So, nothing is happening. Well, unless you count pretty much constant, painful contractions. But nothing else is happening, so apparently I will be pregnant forever!

Seriously, though, after a few episodes that I thought really might be "it", and now suffering through almost 5 weeks of false labor, my cervix is still the same, and I am scheduled for a 39 week appt next week! Had my OB visit today- lost a pound, so I keep losing and finding that same pound! BP was higher- 120/80, which I know is normal, but high for me, so of course, I will read more into this and be convinced that I am about to go into labor (one of my warning signs with Riley was elevated- for me- BP, but it probably means nothing at all) said things could change at the drop of a hat- I am still 2 weeks from due date- blah, blah, blah, as Riley would say...think he just felt bad for me because I was truly miserable there today...

So, enough complaining....I am really trying not to do that, hence the lack of posts lately! I know how truly lucky and blessed we are to be experiencing this miracle, I really do...but it just wears at your body...and trying to work full-time (two jobs, really), care for Riley and do all of the everyday things....well, it is a lot....

Blah, blah, blah!!!!

(For those who don't know, Riley is obsessed lately with the Barbie as Rapunzel Movie and there is a line in there that says, of course, she now repeats it over and over and over and over......)