Monday, August 11, 2008

Boo-boos and belly

Sometimes I think Riley's whole life revolves around her boo-boos and injuries! I just dropped her off at school, and the first words out of her mouth to her teacher were to describe how she fell down this weekend and hurt her toe. This morning she was complaining that her knee hurt (which she promptly forgot about as she ran and jumped on my bed!). She loves band-aids and will ask for them on the tiniest of cuts or least she is past the point where she leaves said band-aid on FOREVER...and it gets all gooey and icky and then when she finally takes it off- that gooey, icky stuff stays on for two more weeks!

Anywho...still pregnant...according to MY calculations I am 39 weeks today- my OB has a different opinion, but I am right, and they are wrong! Trust me. I never thought I would make it this far- Miss Annie must be really comfortable in there, because it appears she is not budging. I have another OB appt on Wednesday, and we will be discussing what to do to get her out :) I am scared she is going to be belly is so enourmous- but still only have like a 22 lb weight gain...crazy!! Of course, that may have changed now since I have developed a "slight" obsession with chocolate chip cookies over the last few weeks...or anything with chocolate chips- muffins and pancakes count, too!!

Guess that is it for now...I have put myself on a limited work schedule for the rest of the week- I just can not do the whole day anymore. I worked a lot last week since my assistant was out on vacation, and every night I was so ill starting at about 8pm- Todd was about ready to kill me. So, this week I am just hitting the meetings and doing what I need to do, and then coming home to rest...I figure I will take the rest now while I still can!!


Jaime said...

Oooh! I may be right with my August 18th guess...
You may just have a big baby on your hands. She'll probably have a laid back attitude, since she likes to take her time. ;)


Melanie said...

checking on you... wondering if the baby is here!