Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October is ALWAYS a very busy month for us...here at home with the girls and also at work. It is right in the middle of our fall travel season at work and while I do not travel as much as I used to anymore, I do usually pick up a few things that either no one else can cover or that I really want to go to- definitely a perk of being the boss :)

So, this weekend I am traveling to CT for a chiropractic convention (because the person we asked backed out) and then the weekend after I am in Washington Dc (mostly because my boss wanted me to go), and while I am looking forward to both trips, I am sad to leave my girls. They will be in their Daddy's very capable hands...hope they don't drive him batty!

Riley also has a bunch of things going on both at school and after school and they both have a few days off this month because of teacher conferences and mandatory furloughs, so we had to arrange for other care....Todd's birthday is at the end of the month, Halloween and our Halloween party (just decided to do that one) and miscellaneous other things and that makes me a bit of a controlled- schedule freak....think I have it all under control- at least at this minute!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Riley has decided that she is too old for baths so for a few months we have been taking showers. I say we because at first I had to get in there with her. She does not do well at all with water in her eyes, so I had to do everything for her while she stood there with a towel over her eyes. A few weeks ago I decided she was old enough to start to do some of the showering on her own, so for a while, I stood outside the shower and did everuthing while she stood there with a towel over her eyes but I ended up getting just as wet!

So, I told her that was it- she was learning to do this herself and after some nashing of teeth and a bit of histerics, she is doing pretty well. I still have to tell her what to do, but she pretty much does most of it herself.

Well, last week, Annie happened to notice that Riley was taking a shower. Before, with me in there with her, I guess she just wasn't aware of what was happening. But this time, she noticed and she wanted to get in there with her!

So, I put her in and she played a bit and just got wet....but tonight she decided to take a shower with Riley again and this time I did wash her hair and her body and got them both clean in one shot. I have to say, while very cute, it was also quite convienient and I hope that Annie will continue to want to do this....even though she does love her baths, too....we will see what happens....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The potty training chronicles

As I write this, Annie is walking around, sans diaper and pants as we continue to work on the potty training! Not sure if my memory is fuzzy from time or if I have just blocked it out (probably a little of both), but I just don't remember doing this with Riley. I know that we had issues with her early on, and then we backed off and she essentially trained herself.

Annie is actually doing pretty good, for all of the complaining I do! We bought her a little potty seat for the toilet downstairs since it is too far to run all of the way upstairs when she needs to go. She picked it out at Walmart last weekend- a Thomas the Train seat since she likes trains so much.

Today, Todd took Riley to the church where she does her Upward Cheerleading for a celebration service and I stayed home with Annie (we joined them later for lunch). Annie was watching some Wiggles while I emptied the dishwasher and she was singing and dancing for a while, and then I realized she was quiet. I looked and she wasn't there anymore, but I found her in the bathroom...she had pulled down her pants, taken off her diaper and climbed up on the potty seat ALL BY HERSELF! Now- her pants were wet, so I am not sure if she had an accident or just missed, but either way, this is an excellent development!!!!

You can probably look forward to many more stories since I have a feeling this will be a long process, but regardless, she is progressing so I guess that is all that matters!