Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Riley tidbit

I think I have hinted at the fact that Riley has become much more verbal lately- I think it is from moving into her new classroom. She was always a good talker- she articulates her words very well from what I can tell- and has always communicated with us well. But, ever since moving, she talks now pretty much non-stop...I pick her up from school and she literally DOES NOT stop talking until we get home. Maybe it is because the kids in her room are older now- the little ones in the old room just didn't talk as much or as well- honestly- some of them I really could not understand at all...and we are talking 3 year olds!

Anyway, today I sent an email to her teacher, Ms Kelly, just to share my address in case she ever needs me for anything, and also to encourage her to send me emails during the day to tell me little Riley tidbits (I know she does this for some of the other moms)...and this is what I got back:


I’m so glad Riley is enjoying herself. She is doing really well and she is very well behaved. She has been talking a lot at school about Annie.

Today she held my hand and walked around the playground with me to get some exercise without getting “too hot.” We discussed what we had eaten for dinner the night before and what foods we liked best. (She can be quite the conversationalist!)

I’ve added a tally count beside the Great Day chart so we can keep up with our days and get to the ice cream party.

Too funny...sounds just like my girl!

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