Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hilton Head

We are back from Hilton Head- had a great time and a very nice visit with Grandma and Grandpa Buckley. Riley had her recital on Saturday, right before we left, but I will save that for another time, since I am waiting on a few pictures and video from another camera.

So, Hilton Head...we arrived about 7 pm on Saturday night, and right away, Riley wanted to go swimming. And then that was pretty much the theme of the three days we were there...with one trip to the beach thrown in! Seriously, she and Todd went swimming on Satuday night, we took a trip to the beach Sunday morning, which then ended at the pool...back in the pool again Sunday afternoon, and then she spent most of Monday in and out of the pool...she is quite the little fish. She made a few friends, learned to play dominoes (which, by the way, she is GREAT at...don't think she has lost a game yet. We played again last night, and she beat Todd once, and both of us once...she is a wiz!!).

We had some great meals, and just relaxed and had fun. I wish we could have been there longer, or gotten there earlier, really, since Grandma and Grandpa arrived a few days before, but the recital got in the way. The trip home went quick, but I am pretty pooped this week..even though Todd really did all of the work, and I just was there :)

Had an OB appointment this afternoon, and was checked because of all of the contractions I have been having- I was worried about dilating this early. I am not, so far, which is good...but I need to keep track of the contractions and to let them know if they get more frequent or painful...and have to go back in two weeks...and every two weeks from now on....holy cow!! Todd and I are planning to work some on the nursery this weekend, and get the crib set back up...I have a lot to do. We are also hoping to catch a movie on Saturday- Riley will go to Grams and Gramps house- since we might not have much time left!! And my baby sprinkle is on Tuesday- so excited!!!

That's it...enjoy the photos!

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