Friday, June 6, 2008

Riley would like me to inform you- all of you out there in cyberspace- that she is now officially a big girl. That is, she has been moved to the PreSchool room, also known as Ms Kelly's room. She is so excited!! Yesterday, right before my OB appointment, I received a call from the director of the center, saying she needed to talk to me about something. Of course, my first instinct is to freak, I called her, and she informed me that one of Riley's old teachers was out sick, and therefore, Riley and another of the kids from the lower room spent the morning in the PreSchool room. When asked if they wanted to return to their room before lunch, they both decided not to, and since they were scheduled to transition anyway, they just stayed!! So, she was there all day, and it sounds like things went great, so there she will stay!!

She was super excited when she got home and had to tell me all about everything they did. I am thrilled, and we have been waiting for this for a while since she was quite obviously bored and just too old to be where she was for so long. I loved her teachers, but this is more like school, and I know that she will do just great. She is very excited, and is expecting Ms Kelly to teach her to read (note to self: inform Ms Kelly of this before Riley does!!) She was sent home with a little questionnaire that we needed to complete all about her, and so we started to work on that tonight.

Of course, after all of that, she went off to school today, so excited, and Todd and I both got a call (I was in a meeting, so he ended up getting it), that the air conditioner at the school was broken (uh, yeah, forgot to mention it is 100 degrees here right now!!!), so she had to be picked up early. But, they hit Dunkin Donuts on the way home, so tomorrow we have donuts for breakfast!! Yay!

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