Monday, June 9, 2008

Not long after I wrote that last post, Riley started complaining that she didn't feel good...and was just really tired and lethargic that night. She said her eyes hurt, and went right to bed without reading any books or complaining! And then she woke about 10 pm, with the eye thing, and again at 11:30, saying her stomach hurt and that she was hot, then cold, then hot. And she had a slight fever. So, we stuck her in our bed, and she slept on and off all night- probably more than I did since I was on the couch!!

On Saturday, it was more of the same...until that evening, so she just stayed on the couch all afternoon and watched movies! She seemed ok that night- she had a nice cool bath and slept all night (in her own bed, thankfully), and now is much better.

I think she might have been affected by the heat, somehow...maybe dehydrated, or some heat stroke or something. We have no idea how long the air was out at her school before they called us, but more than likely a while, and with having such a busy week and really no time to rest after we got back from Hilton Head, her poor little body just needed a break!

Air is still broken at her school, so she is home with a family friend today...hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.

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