Friday, July 11, 2008


Today is the baby shower at Todd's work- Riley is very excited. She picked out a special dress and shoes and even asked me to brush her hair! Amazing!

She is still liking her new classroom a lot. Every once in a while she tells us what sort of things they are doing. If we ask her how her day is, she just says fine. But then later, it all comes out! She told me that Ms Kelly has been spending some time with her, one-on-one, which I LOVE, teaching her to read. There is some mermaid book that they are reading together, and she is teaching Riley how to sound out words. The other night, she started showing Todd her new signs- as in SIGN LANGUAGE...holy cow! That is awesome...she can count to 10, and knows a few words! And then...last night, while he was starting her bath, she started count in FRENCH! Jsut for the record, that is English, Spanish, French and Sign Language!!! WOW!!! Totally LOVE this school!!! Today is Share Day, so she brought in her trophy from dance class to show everyone.

Unfortunately, I think she is getting a cold, so she was kind of stuffy this morning...hopefully it is just a quick summer thing- at least she is getting it now, and not when Annie is here!

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