Sunday, July 20, 2008


Just another quickie post- seems that is about all I have time for lately. Grams and Gramps came over for pizza tonight- so nice not to have to cook! Riley is upstairs with Todd and I need to head up and get her ready for bed or I will not have a nice morning with her!

Still pregnant, obviously...but definately feel that is coming to an end. Had a ton of contractions this morning and started to worry Todd...had three right in a row, right after each other that made me HURT- but then they stopped. Have another OB appt tomorrow- hoping I am more dialated- think that I probably am after this week of contractions!

Just one more quick thing...Riley has an annoying new habit that someone at school taught her- she repeats EVERYTHING we know that game where the person just keeps repeating you...very annoying. She thinks its hilarious...Mommy not so much!!!

Ok- another contraction...when it is over, I am headed upstairs :)

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