Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All about Riley

Just a few Riley updates- she is doing very well and learning a lot in her new class. She tells us every day what she did, and each week what her new job is. This week she was the weather girl- or maybe the calendar girl- I can't remember! They must really be working on their writing, because she is bringing home notes that she has obviously written, and she and Todd sat down this weekend and did the whole alphabet! Her artwork is becoming more 'real", I guess you could can actually tell what she is drawing, most of the time. Here is an example:

We have had lots of fun with the garden this summer...we had three tomatoes and a TON of hot peppers for Todd. We picked a huge batch yesterday, there are lots more on there now, and it is still flowering! Here is a pic of Riley with our first harvest!

And finally, another thing we have discovered from Riley's school...she knows the Pledge of Allegiance and how to count to ten in Spanish!! Watch for yourself:

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