Sunday, July 27, 2008

More from the trenches

It's Sunday night.

No baby.

Nothing at all yesterday- had some serious contractions this morning. Riley and I were getting ready to head over to Grams and Gramps for a change of scenery since we spent the whole weekend cooped up in the house- my fault, not hers- and Todd almost didn't let me go. But we did- and it was nice. Riley slept a little later this morning, so she didn't have much of a nap today- she claims she didn't sleep at all, but I think she least I got a little snooze in.

She and Todd are at the pool right now- think he felt bad for me since she and I have been together nonstop for 2 1/2 days!!! :) Not that I mind it so much, but I needed a little break from the non-stop chatter. Seriously, the girl can talk!! :)

So, I might head to work for a few hours tomorrow- unless tonight is the night- and then I have an OB appt in the afternoon- one I was hoping not to keep. At least I can get checked again...I am determined to have this baby in July. People are already having to change their birth date guesses....I know this could be a whole lot worse- I am not even officially term yet (TOMORROW!!!!), but I am so ready to meet her- I just want to see so badly what she looks like, and hold her in my will be soon, I know!

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