Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Now with pictures

Tried to post an update yesterday, but blogger wasn't cooperating. Had OB appt- no progress. Disappointed, but dealing with it since I have no choice!

Stayed home today to get some rest, so I am in bed using the laptop! Wanted to post my 37 week pic Todd took yesterday:

Here is 37 weeks with Annie:

and 37 weeks with Riley:

Still only about 20 lbs weight gain, so I gained quite a bit more with Riley, but my belly is bigger with Annie- she is all baby! The good news is she is measuring right on target (she had been measuring big), but her growth has slowed...don't think she has any more room!

I am almost at the point that I had Riley..think she was 37w3days, so two more days and then I will be the most pregnant I have ever been!! Still hoping for a July baby!!!

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