Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow, again

It snowed again today. Actually, it is still snowing now- it is almost 8pm. But, there is very little on the ground, so I guess that is a good thing.

If you are following my Twitter feed, you know it started snowing sometime in the late morning, and minutes after that, we started getting the calls from students and faculty and staff about cancellations! Then, the school districts started cancelling. I kept watching the news websites, and sure enough, shortly after that (before anything was even close to accumulating), Riley's school announced that they would be releasing at 11:30. I started scrambling- called Todd to see if he could pick up Riley so that I could go and get Annie before her nap. This was very important because if she even slept a little at school, chances were slim that I would be able to get her back down at home.

Unfortunately, he couldn't pick up Riley because he didn't have her school tag, so I left work early and went and sat in the pick up line, hoping that I would make it to Annie's school before nap time! While I was sitting in line, Riley's teacher called my cell- evidently she (Riley) was all upset because she thought I wasn't coming for her :( No matter how many times I tell that girl I would never, never forget her, she still worries...can't complain too much because, once again, she is EXACTLY like me!!

So, things moved along and Riley came out, we ran to Annie's school and got her just in time- her mat was out and some of the kiddos were already asleep, but I had called ahead to let them know I was coming so they held her off!

She napped when we got home- for 2 1/2 hours- and Riley watched a movie and it was actually a really nice afternoon. The funny part is- it stopped snowing! And it must have warmed up some, too, because all of the snow was gone....started back up shortly after and is still snowing now, but I think it is melting as it hits the ground! Oh, well....just another story to remember about the snow in South Carolina!!!

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