Friday, March 26, 2010

Vegas- Saturday

On Saturday, Todd woke really, really early (he does not do well with any sort of time change), so he left the room around 6ish, I think, and did some exploring on his own. He didn't go too far, and came back for me around 8 so we could go to eat. And eat we did...we went to the buffet at the Bellagio because we were told it was one of the best- they had so much food and it was wonderful!

After that we decided we needed to walk it off....and O.M.G. did we walk....all the way down and then all the way back and down the other way (Caesar's Palace is somewhere in the middle of the strip). We saw all of the sites and did a few things, too...

The M & M store- 4 floors of M&M stuff....very cool- Riley would have loved it!

The lion at MGM....the male was pretty laid back but the female was playing with the trainers and a ball

The lion statue at MGM

New York New York- one of my favorites to see

Todd and Indiana Jones at Madame Tussards- we didn't go in- maybe next time

Me at the indoor fountain at the Venetian....another of my favorites. The gondola ride was so cool- we didn't buy the pic because it was $26!! But, we kissed under each bridge and our gondoleer sang us two songs!

The ceiling at the Venetian

Outdoor canal at the Venetian- so pretty

One of the fountains at Caesars- there are a LOT of fountains and they are all so pretty

The ceiling inside of the Bellagio- they are all umbrellas
We didn't really do too much that night- we were both pretty tired from walking so much and once we got back to the room, even though we had intentions of going back out- we were pooped! So, I ran down to the casino and picked up some food and we went to bed pretty early! Lame, I know....but we did go out the next night :)

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