Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vegas- Friday

So, I went out to to Las Vegas on Wednesday morning, but the first few days were pretty much all work, so no fun and no pictures!

Todd came out on Friday afternoon. He made his way from the airport to the hotel ok, and I came down from my meetings to let him in the room and then went back to work! After I was finished for the day, we walked around a bit to look for a place to eat since Todd was starving at that point.

We decided to eat at Mesa which just happened to be in Caesar's Palace, where we were staying, which was convienient! We were there early and had no reservation, so we sat at the bar, which was fine, and had some yummy margarita (mine was white pear and Todd's was cactus fruit, I think), and he had duck and I had pork tenderloin (yummy, but SPICY)!

We walked down through the Forum Shoppes and saw an animated show with Atlantis, which was kind of weird, and then we walked around a bit outside- saw a small water show at the Bellagio right next door, but Todd was tired and my feet were sore from wearing heels for days and walking back and forth to the meeting, so we pooped out and went back to the room for the night!

Paris- the Eiffel Tower outside of Bellagio

Fountains at the Bellagio

The Aquarium at the Forum Shoppes before the Atlantis Show

Caesar's Fountain- see him at the top? :)

Mesa Grille by Bobby Flay from Food Network

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