Saturday, March 27, 2010

Catching up

A few updates on the girls:

1. Riley had strep throat the week before we left for Vegas. We went to Jamboread with Grams on Saturday and then she and I went to see the Wizard of Oz at the movies and when we got home she started complaining about a sore throat. By the next morning she was pretty sick- really high fever and sore throat so we headed over to the Minute Clinic at C.V.S. and sat there and waited for 3 hours before we were seen. She was really sick and slept on top of me on the floor the whole time, which was not easy for the rapidly getting old mama! The NP took one look at her throat and drew back and said it was classic strep. Her fever by this point was over 103 and I thought they were going to send us to the ER, but luckily she talked with the MD and he said it was fine to just give her the antibiotics. She was better by the next day but needed to stay home so I got another day off :) Her fever did come back at one point after the round of anitibiotics, but she didn't need anything else.

2. Annie has discovered how to open doors! Yikes!

3. Riley has three loose teeth- we discovered them right before I left for Vegas and I was so upset because I thought I would miss them falling out, but they are all still there! The two on the bottom are pretty loose now!

4. I visited Annie's school this week for lunch and had a fun time. She was so surprised to see me there, and was so happy to have me. She showed me all around her classroom and I sat while she ate and then read her and a few friends a few books. She had a FIT when I left, but she was going to nap so I hope she didn't give them to much trouble!

5. Riley is on spring break this week- lucky her!! I took Monday off to spend with her- she has a dentist appt in Greenville in the morning and then we are going to spend the day doing something fun- not sure what yet- maybe lunch and a movie? She is spending a few days with Ms Donna and then I have Friday off b/c my students are on break this week, too....should be a nice easy week, hopefully :)

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