Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mama's girl

Annie is a mama's girl, at least, right now she is! I don't remember Riley going through this phase, although I know she did and that all kids do, but, oh, boy....all Annie wants and needs right now is her mama, otherwise known as...ME! She is slowly driving me nuts....she wants nothing to do with anyone else when I am around. And gives Todd a really hard time when I am not around, which is unfortunate. Last weekend, Riley and I went to see the Wizard of Oz at the cultural center on the big screen (and we had a great time), but it meant that Todd was on his own with the littlest one. I put her down for her nap, which in hindsight maybe was a bad idea. When Todd got her up when she awoke, she had what he described as a holy tantrum....she would not get out of her crib and screamed and cried for a while until she realized I was not coming. Then, she did it again today while I was at work (yes, on a Saturday...a beautiful, sunny Saturday and I was working).

I really, really hope this is a phase she will outgrow soon. My arms are sore from carrying her around and I need a break. Timing, though, on this slightly sucks because I leave on Wednesday this week for a work trip (TO VEGAS!!!!), and so Todd is on his own for a few days, and then both girls go to Grams and Gramps house for a few days....someone is going to be miserable, but maybe she will forget about Mama for a little while and let someone else into her least until I get back!

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Karen said...

Hope she did well without you. You could look at it two ways: (1) maybe the time away will snap her out of it or (2) you will pay for it when you come back. I'll vote for #1! :)