Friday, March 5, 2010


So, I totally jinxed myself with the last post about sleep. I always do that- I guess I will never learn! Really, though, it wasn't too bad. I could hear her moving around and moaning and tossing and turning, and then a bit later, heard her cry Mama...Mama...and then she was crying. I went in there and she was standing in her bed and crying a little bit. I picked her up and rocked her for a while and she didn't go back to sleep, so I put her back down and she cried a few times and then was back out. Of course, then I was awake and freaked out about her crying again or being sick (yes, my vomit-phobia kicked in and I layed awake half the night worrying about her getting sick in her bed)...but she slept through and was a little grumpy the next morning but fine. Oh, well...NO.MORE.POSTING.ABOUT.SLEEP.HABITS!!!!!!!!

Riley had an ice cream party this week for selling 7 boxes of chocolates- 7 boxes of chocolates that Todd and I bought so that she could go to the party. I told her to enjoy that ice cream sundae because it costs us $35!!!! She reported to me that Ronald McDonald visited their school today and talked to them about books- weird! She enjoyed it, though!

Annie is currently obsessed with Elmo! We watch Sesame Street every morning while we get dressed, and she was an Elmo DVD that she likes to watch while I make dinner at night. As soon as I picked her up at school, the first thing out of her mouth is "Mo" (Elmo) and she continues to say it 50 million times on the way home. It mesmerized her...she stands there watching it with her mouth open, gaping. Very cute. Not so cute is the fit she throws when we have to shut it off for dinner. Not cute at all.

Hmmm...can't think of anything else to say. Good night!

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