Sunday, February 7, 2010

Auntie Karen and Sophie came for a visit

We had a very nice visit with Auntie Karen and Sophie over the last few days. They arrived on Wednesday and we went to dinner, where all girls behaved themselves and we sang Happy Birthday to Riley, which greatly embarrassed her! Both litte girls behaved themselves, and Annie ate her weight in poppy seed rolls! Seriously, she chowed them!

On Thursday we hung out at Grams house all day, and I went to work for a bit in the afternoon. Annie actually napped (and on the floor to boot), so it was a successful day!

Friday we visited the Children's Museum again, and it was great fun. The girls had a great time, and then we went to the mall and took some pictures of them all, which also went pretty well. Annie wasn't too happy at sititing still and pretty much wandered around while we tried to get her to at least stay still. She did a bit better than at Christmas, so I think we got some good pictures.

And then yesterday we went to Mimi and Papa's house to celebrate Riley and Kaitlyn's birthdays and had a nice time. The day ended with Sophie having a bit of a breakdown and Annie slugging her in the face for playing with her toys....and then it was time to go home!! :)

Here are some random photos from the few days together.

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