Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birthday, part II

So, more pictures from Riley's party. We went to Hearts of Clay, a paint-your-own-pottery place and the girls had a fun time. We decided to just have the girls of my girlfriends from work (and Bryce, but he couldn't come), so it was sort of low-key and relaxed, which was nice. Riley painted a princess box and Annie did a bowl and they both came out really well.

Then they let Riley put her handprint on the birthday wall, which was cool, and we did a handprint plate with all of the other girls (even Annie's) thumbpreints! Cake was good, Riley got lots of presents and both girls were tired when we came home!

Grandma and Grandpa Buckley came back to the house and we all played for a bit, and then off to all, a very nice weekend.

Riley's new nightgown with Princess and the Frog

Her hand print

Annie's plate- actually came out much better than I thought it would!


The cake came out great! And it was yummy, too!

Morgan painting

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