Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More little tidbits on the girls

Don't have a whole lot of time- life and work super super crazy right now, but then again, when is it not????

Two quick things I want to get down, and then when I get a little more time, I will try to get the rest of Riley's party pics up....

1. Riley has now begun going to the first grade classroom 4 times a week for several hours at a time, at least according to her! Sometimes we get some interesting stories, but I think this is accurate, for the most part! So, we are wondering, is she really a kindergartener anymore...not really sure! Hoping to meet with both teachers at some point to figure out what all of this means. Also- the school participates in something called 100 Book Challenge...the students have to read lines in books each day, and the goal is to read 100 books over the course of the year. Well, we have not been recording lines, but total books instead. So, on every line, she reads a book...anyone want to guess how many books she has read, to date, this year???? 500....YES, 500 BOOKS already read, completely by herself, this year.....WOW!

2. Annie has a lovey! She has attached herself to Nestlee, a dog that is actually Riley's given to her by Grammy (my grandmother). She has taken Nestlee to bed every night for months now. Well, the other night I went out with the girls, so Todd put her to bed. When she got up in the morning, she had Nestlee and another little dog that came with Riley's vet kit. And since then, she has to sleep with both is the cutest thing to see her walking around with one dog under each arm! I need to try to get a pic of it! Also, she has started to not want to sleep with her sleepsack (a kind of wearable blanket)- not sure why suddenly she does not want it- maybe she is hot at night? Probably better for her to make this change now, since it is a fleece one and we would need to give it up soon when (if) it finally starts warming up here....

That is it- longer than I liked, but good to get this stuff down.....later!

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