Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow, redux

We had snow, again, last week. It started on Friday afternoon- in fact, as I picked up Riley from school about 4:30 pm, they were already calling parents to come and get their kids. Seriously- it had been snowing maybe 30 minutes at that point...

Anyway, it was snow/sleet/ice and not pretty at all. We were stuck in the house all day Saturday (we ventured out for a few minutes to play, but it was cold and we couldn't really do too much with the ice), so by Sunday, the girls and I were ready to go to Grams and Gramps house for some more sledding. After the last "snowfall", they bought some sleds, so they were ready for us!

We left Todd in the house to clean the carpets and off we went. We had lots of fun, ate lunch, Annie took a nap and we headed home. And, unbelievably, the next day, we all three had a two-hour delay....there was NOTHING on the roads...such is life in South Carolina where there are no plows and the world stops when they hear the word "snow"..

Enjoy some pics:

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