Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What happened to my baby?

So, Annie has officially moved to the Toddler Room at school. They told us that she would be slowly transitioning in January, so I assumed that meant that she would spend some time in there each day starting the first week, and maybe by the end of the week, stay the whole day. Well, when Todd dropped her off on Monday morning, I guess all of the new babies who were taking her place arrived at the same time and the teachers were a little overwhelmed...and at the same time, there were no kids in the toddler room, so it just made sense to have Annie just start the day in there....and then she never left!

Luckily, she was somewhat familiar with the teachers in the Toddler Room already because she had been playing on the big kids playground for a few months. Todd said the first day, she went right in and started playing and didn't really even realize he had left. The second day, it was a little more traumatic- she cried a bit and wasn't too happy with him!

I was mostly worried about her sleeping- in the baby room she slept in a crib- here, she needed to sleep on a mat! But, I asked the first day and they said she had no problem- she went right to sleep...although she did wake earlier than the kids usually do- seems she only slept about 45 minutes....yep, that is my Annie! Today they told me she slept better- about 90 minutes, so she is getting it!

Now our only problem is the grumpies....she is so tired at the end of the day, she grumps the whole way home...throws a fit in the cafeteria when I pick up Riley....grumps through dinner and generally is!!!! But, hopefully this is temporary and will abate as she gets used to everything....please, please, please get better soon :)

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Karen said...

Laney got the grumpies back when she moved from toddlers to 2s. I hope it's a phase!