Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I left my babies for 2 whole nights over the weekend! That is the longest I have left Annie, and I have only left Riley for three nights one time! I had a work trip to Arizona, and left early Friday morning, so Todd had the girls Friday night and then Grams and Gramps had them Saturday night. Unfortunately, it was a rough weekend for the Hildebrand girls- Riley wasn't feeling weel the night before I left, so Todd brought her into school a little late...she made it the whole day, but was sick Friday night.

But, she seemed fine by Saturday morning, and they all went to her 2nd basketball game (I missed it- sad!), and then Saturday night, Annie was sick with Grams and Gramps....by the time I got home on Sunday, they were both fine. But....I guess Gramps was sick, and now Todd is sick in bed....hoping it has made the rounds and no one else gets it.

But, we all survived...some of us a little worse for wear....but we did it! Todd and I are trying to plan a trip to Las Vegas in March- me for work, and then he might come out a few days later....hoping that Grams and Gramps aren't too shell shocked and will take the girls again for us!!!

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