Saturday, January 30, 2010

She bops!

Annie has being telling us now for a while when she has a poop. Not really sure when it started, a few months ago at least. It is helpful, since I don't need to figure out when she needs changing, although she doesn't do it every time, so sometimes I still get a little surprise :)

Maybe a month or two ago, we tried to teach her the word poop, and for her, it comes out bop. So, when she poops or pee-pees, she says "bop", and then we change her. She likes to tell us when Roxie goes out to "bop", or when Angel has a furball on the floor, she also calls that "bop". Unfortunately, for a while, she also called her paci a "bop", too, so that was a little confusing- LOL!

She is also a super helper now and gets me a diaper and her wipes when she has a bop, and then we change her. It is quite convenient! A few times I think she has actually told me before she bops, but I never really believe we don't try to visit her new potty, although I guess I really should start doing that.

But today, while I was finishing putting the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner, she was walking around, doing her own thing, and I could see her over the counter. She walked over to the diapers, took one out, took out a pack of wipes, walked over to an empty place on the floor, laid down and started trying to take down her pants, and said "bop"!!! And sure enough, there was a mess in her pants waiting to be changed!!!

I think I should motivate myself to start this potty training thing, huh? Maybe she will potty train herself like Riley did!

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Karen said...

Go for it! I will keep an eye out for deals on pull-ups. :)