Thursday, January 28, 2010

NAH- now with wheezing!

So, remember when I said that both girls were relatively healthy at the moment...well, even as I was writing that, Annie was getting sick, again....and by Tuesday morning she was feeling icky, and got sent home from school with a fever. I had the forethought to call for a ped appt for the next morning, and I am glad I did, because then her cough got worse and hacking and she starting wheezing, again.

So, I took her in yesterday and the ped listened to her lungs and said she was definitely wheezing so they gave her a breathing treatment in the office and then sent us home with steroids and instructions to do the treatments every 4-6 hours....and said she either had walking pneumonia or RSV or some other virus

I think she is feeling better, now- she seems to be breathing better and sleeping better. Although last night she slept without coughing, she cried out a few times in the night- not sure if the steroids are making her feel bad- I know they are certainly making her grumpy! I am now regretting being happy about her learning new words because everything is NAH- her word for NO!!! Very early this morning- like 5 am- she was yelling NAH....I went in and rubbed her back for a little while, and then returned to bed to lay there and compose blog posts in my head and think about everything I had to do at work today :(

Wondering now if I will EVER, EVER, sleep through the night again.....

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