Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Eve

I spent much of the day baking and cooking and Todd spent the day cleaning :) We met Grams and Gramps and Mimi and Papa at church for 4 o'clock mass (Donnie- if you are reading this- we went to church!!!)...and then everyone came over afterwards for appetizers. As usual, I made WAY too much food...we just finished the last of it this weekend!

Riley and Annie opened their new pajamas, and then they opened a book from Nannie and Poppie that they recorded for the girls- Twas the Night Before Christmas, which has now been played over and over and over, until they almost broke it and then I had to take the batteries out!

Annie was pooped, so I put her to bed, and Todd and Riley set out some milk and homemade and decorated by Riley cookies and then we all went off to bed to dream about sugar plums.....

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