Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Now entering 1st grade....

Riley started school last week....1st grade, wow! It is hard to believe she is in 1st grade, although this year has been better than last year already! I was a mess last year- kindergarten is such a huge step- but maybe because we are already used to the routine, and the fact that she was at the school all summer, too, in Summer Edition...this time it went pretty easy!

Todd registered her for school when we were on vacation, and was able to meet her teacher and see her classroom, but Riley and I did not. So, on the first day of school, Todd, Annie and I parked and walked her in...along with about 1/2 a million other kids and families! Her teacher this year is Ms. Allison- she is young, single, pretty and seems very nice. Her classroom is 115- the very last one on the end of the 1st grade hallway, and only 2 doors down from last year's teacher, Mrs. Graham, who is teaching 1st grade this year.

Riley seems very happy so far, although she comes home from school most days exhausted and is tired getting up the next morning....she has lots more work and homework and even had her very first spelling test, in which she scored 100, of course! She and Todd practice her spelling words every.single.night....he has become the homework Nazi!! ANd thank goodness, because Mama has a lot of other things to do every night and homework seems to always slip between the cracks.

Anyway...I will keep you updated on her progress, but so far, so good!

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