Monday, August 16, 2010

Annie is TWO

Yesterday, my baby turned two. It is hard to believe it has been two years....two years since I carried her inside me, trying to get out for weeks and weeks and then when it came right down to it and it was time for her to exit, she stuck in her heels and wanted to stay. Two years since we experienced the trauma that was her birth and nearly lost her. I think about her birth often still....and truly can not imagine my life without this is impossible.
She is my crazy, willful, loving, brilliant wild child. She is the opposite of Riley in many ways, yet she wants to do everything her big sister does. She worships her...and Riley was made to be her big sister. Even when they fight, they make up quickly still with hugs and kisses (and no, I am not naive to think it will always be that way, but for now, it is and it is sweet).

She is so very smart and loves to learn (and in this way, just like her sister!). She talks in complete sentences and most of the time we can understand what she is saying! She can count to 16 and is starting to learn her alphabet. She loves animals, Mickey Mouse and Dora and Elmo, and loves, loves, loves to read books.
She has turned into a pretty good sleeper- she takes a long nap most days when at home, although doesn't care much for napping at school. She goes to bed well, around 7:30 and on the weekends will sleep until 8 or later! She is stubborn and knows exactly what she wants. Her favorite word is NO! She hates to have her shoes on and always wants to take them off, yet loves to play dress up with Riley's shoes!
She is not really the best eater- surprising since she is such a giant. She generally eats one good meal a day and the other meals she just picks at. She likes spaghetti and grilled cheese and Mickey nuggets and fruit- especially bananas. She runs instead of walks and she does not like to sit still in one place. She loves the beach and choo-choo trains and swinging and getting dirty.

She will always be my baby....

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