Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beach babes!

Going to try to get some pictures up here from our latest trip to Rhode Island but it is going to take me a long time to get to them all...blogger is taking a really, really long time lately to upload pics, so I will probably break them up into multiple posts.

We went to the beach a few times during the visit. Annie kept asking to go, but then she wasn't all together thrilled once we got there. I think the waves still scare her a little, but she was better than the last trip, so that is good.

The first full day we were in Westerly we went to the beach with Nannie and Poppie, and then we spent a full morning at the beach in Newport with Auntie Karen, Uncle Carl, Grandma and Grandpa and Sophie and Maya. There were two guys making a really cool sand castle that time but I didn't get a pic of it :(

Here are a few beach pics.....

Riley and Maya, who slept the whole time and woke just as we were leaving....she is certainly a beach baby in training.

The girls and I at Second Beach

Sunbathing beauty!

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