Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa visit

A few weeks ago we went to Riley's school for Breakfast with Santa. It was a fundraiser for the school and we thought both girls would enjoy it. We ate a teeny tiny breakfast of pancakes and bacon, and then we stood in line for the girls to visit with Santa. I was hoping that Annie would sit on his lap, she loves to look at pictures of Santa and say "that" at him....but it was a no go. As soon as we got close, she stuck her head in my shoulder and didn't even want to look. I knew she would have a fit, and really did not want to do that in the middle of the school cafeteria!

But, Riley, of course, had no such issues and up she went to tell him what she wanted for Christmas (an Easy Bake Oven, Barbies and coloring books!), and they snapped this picture, which we received a few days later in her folder from school- for FREE!!!

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