Thursday, December 31, 2009


One day last week, after work, I had the crazy idea that Riley, Annie and I should make some Christmas cut out cookies. I put them both at the kitchen table and we mixed the dough and rolled out the cookies. Riley did great....Annie did not. All she wanted to do was eat the dough (understandable, I guess, for a 17 month old)...but then she got mad when I took it away, she started throwing it everywhere, and then had a fit when I had to remove her from the table.

When the cookies were finished baking, I again attempted to have them both decorate them. Annie did a bit better- I let her eat and play with the icing, so she was happy. I was so busy helping them and trying to prevent Annie from eating everything, I totally burned the burgers for dinner, and had to make new ones.....we still made a huge mess, but the girls had fun and we made some memories....maybe next year it will go a bit more smoothly.

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