Monday, October 5, 2009


As I said before, Riley is very much enjoying her kindergarten experience so far! A few weeks ago, they had "Grits with Grandparents" morning at the school. The kids were allowed to invite their grandparents for breakfast in the cafeteria. So Riley and Grams and Gramps left the house at the crack of dawn and made their way to the school, mostly without incident, to have breakfast. She had a great time introducing them to her teachers and then showing them her classroom and the table where she sits. I was happy to get these pics, since Todd and I haven't really even been there during the day!

Here are a few more of Annie at school- I have been saving them to put up here. The first one is me and Annie that was taken for a family book they were making with all of the kids and parents. The second one is shortly after I dropped her off one day. She is going through the separation phase, which is not much know, start screaming when Mommy or Daddy leave the room...yeah, that one! So, on this day, she was a little screamy, so I think that Ms. Cyndi sent it to me to let me know that she didn't scream the whole day!!

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Karen said...

The girls are just so beautiful. Love the pics of Riley at school! :)