Saturday, October 10, 2009

Annie and sleep

Annie has become a pretty good sleeper, after all of the trouble she put us through for the first 9 or so months of her life!! She naps now pretty consistantly for an hour and a half each day, both at home and at school, and she goes to bed usually around 7 or 7:30 each night, and usually wakes up when we are getting ready during the week about 6:30am, and then on the weekends, occassionally she gives me a little present and sleeps until 7 or sometimes, rarely, 7:30!

Most nights I put her in her bed awake, and she fusses for a minute or so, or less, and then she is out for the night.

We have a new little bedtime routine that she seems to like. I put her in her sleep sack, and the three of us (me, Annie and Riley) go down to the playroom and Riley starts her movie and Annie has a little bit of milk from a sippy cup, and then she says good night to Riley and we go to her room, where we read her two night-night books and then I rock her for about 5 minutes, just to get her drowsy, lay her down and get out of there as fast as I can!!!

No more bottles, no more rocking to is really, really nice!!

A few weeks ago, we sold my breast pump and all of it's parts on Ebay....I have a few bottles left that I need to toss, and then we are DONE....feels weird, but it is just another phase of life we are moving into....

Here she is in her "bedroom" at the beach house- her pack-and-play fit perfectly in the closet, and there she slept for the week- it was great!! Of course, she didn't sleep the best while we were there, but since then, we have worked out the kinks and she is doing really well- at least- until the next cold, but that is another story!!!

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