Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Riley rides the bus!

Riley had her first field trip last week on Friday. They went to an apple farm not too far from here, where they picked apples, went on a hayride, walked through a corn maze and a pumpkin patch. She had a great time- she came home with a bag of small apples and a little pumpkin, which she wants to paint.

But, the most exciting part for her- the BUS RIDE!! There are 8 kindergarten classes at her school, and 4 of the classes were supposed to go on Thursday, and then the other 4 on Friday. But, it rained on Thursday, so they decided that all 8 classes would go on Friday! Which meant that they had to cram onto the bus, but it didn't bother her...they sat three in a seat and off they went.

I wish I could have gone, but the timing was off and they only let 2 parents per class go...maybe next time!

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