Monday, June 8, 2009

Some more updates....

So, once again- it has been a while since I visited the blog! Sorry about that- of course, I am sure most of you know you can catch my quick updates over on the right sidebar with Twitter. Am currently obsessed with Twitter!

Anywho…here is a quick kid update:
Riley- OMG- starts kindergarten in 2 months! She has grown like a weed lately- I was looking at her the other day and she is SO tall! She is still reading voraciously. We went to the library on Saturday and she had lots of fun reading all of the books. We picked out a few chapter books for her to start reading and so she spent the whole afternoon while Annie napped on Saturday in her room reading. She has also developed a small obsession with the pool- which is funny since she hates water in her face so much. But she wants to go to the pool every night and is swimming really well with her little swimmy wings.

Annie- is full mobile right now. She is crawling EVERYWHERE and so very pleased with herself. She seems so much happier now- we went through a little phase, which honestly felt like forever, where she would cry and whine if you put her down on the ground, even when surrounded on all sides by her toys. But now? Put her down and she off exploring. Oh, and she is also now pulling up on everything, too, and trying to stand on her own. She has eaten three pieces of dog food- it must be pretty tasty! Relax- she didn’t really eat it, but she tried very hard. She is also still showing signs of quite a temper- when trying to eat said dog food and told no, she becomes very upset and sometimes has a little fit which includes crying and banging her head on the floor. Very scared for what this means for my future!

They are both keeping me very busy, as you can imagine. Thank goodness for Grams and Gramps who took them for a few hours on Sunday so that Todd and I could see a movie- our first in about a year! Here is what they did while we were gone:

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