Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our week in a nutshell

It has been pretty busy in the Hildebrand household for the last few weeks. May is always a crazy time for us because we typically have something to do each weekend now that the weather is nice, and also because I have Lyceum, which is our Homecoming event at work and it takes up almost a whole week of time, both day and night and part of the weekend, plus all of the preparation for it.

Anyway, this is my current excuse for not blogging much!

Riley went to Carowinds with Grams and Gramps last weekend, and she had a blast!! Last year was the first year they went, and she had such a fun time, they decided to do again. They spent the whole day and she came back exhausted, but happy!

Unfortunately, that is also the day that Annie was sick all day and I was working and so Todd had to spend the whole day with a sick baby. When I got home and realized she still wasn’t better, we made a quick decision to take her to the pediatric walk-in clinic. They still aren’t completely sure what was wrong with her, but she had a pretty high white blood count so they gave us some antibiotics and sent us home. Took some time but she is now feeling better, although she is STILL not sleeping yet- Annie is our non-sleeper, if you didn’t already know but I am sure you do- and EVERY.TIME she gets sick, she wakes up ALL.NIGHT.LONG!!!! So, Todd and I have been pretty much sleepwalking through the last week or so…..

And lastly, Annie had her 9month well-baby visit yesterday- here are her stats:

Weight: 20 lbs. 2 oz- 80 percentile
Height: Don’t remember it exactly, but she is still off the charts!!!

Other than said mystery illness, she is healthy and he was impressed with her vocal abilities! We need to lower the mattress one more notch because he said she will be crawling out soon- oh, boy- and that she can be eating more and more solids now….

Oh, and Miss Annie is now officially a crawler…and she is pulling up on most everything and very mobile, and quite proud of herself, too!!!

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