Friday, May 15, 2009

9 months old!!

So, today Annie turns 9 months old. Wow- how wild is that? She is quickly moving away from infancy, and, while she is most definitely still a baby- there are times when I look at her and think how close we really are to the toddler stage- especially when she tries to pull-up on my chest.

Or when she won’t sit down because she just loves to stand so much.

Or when she refuses to eat the baby food from the spoon and tries to hold it herself, or will only eat the “real” people food.

Or when, like the other day, she had a little mini-fit because I took the pizza crust that she was chewing on away from her….it didn’t last long, but it certainly gave me a little glimpse of our future- I do remember those days with Riley well.

She has really changed a lot over the last month. We went through another rough period several weeks ago when she was sick- just a really bad cold that lasted a while- but now that she is feeling better, she is like a different child.

As I said above, she is eating everything in site. She does like the real food- she has tried lots of different fruits- loves bananas and watermelon and strawberries. She has had toast and pancakes and had some of Riley’s grilled cheese, which disappeared quickly from her tray! The girl likes to eat!

She still isn’t really crawling, but she can certainly get anywhere she wants by some sort of army crawl where she drags herself across the floor. She does like to stand, and can pull up her body from your fingers. She isn’t doing it independently yet, but she can get on her knees. And she can go from sitting to crawling and back to sitting very well.

She is still long- she is fully in 12-month clothing now, but she is still so thin. She weighs about 18lbs, I think.

She is babbling quite a bit now, although does not have any real words. She has one little sound that could be “daddy”, but since she does not say it to Todd directly, I can not count it as a word!

She still is enamored by Riley and they entertain each other well. Riley gets mad when Annie pulls her hair, and she is starting to not like Annie touching her toys, but she is still so good with her, and it still sometimes brings tears to my eyes to watch them together.

We are having fun, and look forward to summer and lots of playing outside and swimming at the pool and picnics and playgrounds…should be quite interesting!!

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