Monday, April 20, 2009


Those of you who know Riley know how much of a girly-girl she is. I tease her about it all of the time, but she likes nothing better than dressing up in her Princess costumes, putting on make-up, painting her nails and having a tea party. She does like to play outside in the sand and on her swingset, but she really does not care for bugs or creepy crawlies at all. She has been known to come inside from playing because she heard a bumblebee. The other day, after Todd had mowed the lawn, she called me over to her sandbox because there was a "spider" on the grass. Apparently, Todd had pulled up some weeds and one of the roots looked like a spider- she was seriously freaked out.

Anyway, that is why I was so surprised by this over the weekend:
Yes, that is a caterpillar. She had a ball with it, crawling up and down her arm. She even brought it over to show the little boy next door. She is full of surprises!
She also announced at the dinner table the other night, that since she was now reading (and yes- she is READING! Everything and anything she can get her hands on....she is reading "chapter-books" people.....), that now she would like to learn math....ummm....she is FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are definitely keeping our options open for a college scholarship!!!!

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Karen said...

Great pictures! Laney was content just to watch a caterpillar the other day (as was I). And I am amazed by Riley's reading!