Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Separation Anxiety

I was wondering when we would get to this stage just the other day- maybe I jinxed myself, because I think we are there- the crying when Mommy/Daddy leaves for work stage- it is called Separation Anxiety. Oh, how I HATE that stage!

A few months ago, Annie seemed to have a little bit of stranger anxiety stuff going on- when we were in RI in March, and then to a lesser extent in May, she would not go to anyone but me. Sometimes she would get a little pouty when someone new or different, or someone she had not seen in a while, would come up to her, but it went away rather quickly.

Well, the last two days at school dropoff- yesterday with Todd and today with me- she cried when we left. I tried to sneak out today because I thought she might cry, but then Riley yelled goodbye- and that set her off. I could hear her crying when I left Riley in her room, but she was quiet when I peaked in Annie’s room window as I left the building.

I really do not like this stage one bit…it breaks my heart to leave her when she is crying. Granted, she is actually a little late for separation anxiety, but it is what it is, and I just need to get through it until the next thing comes….

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Karen said...

Hopefully the next thing is not more whining!