Monday, June 29, 2009

The trip, part 1....the drive there

I think I need to break this into several parts to make sure I remember it all! So, the trip there....I was seriously freaking out right up to the moment we left. So much to remember, so much to pack...the car was so full I am surprised the girls had places to sit!

We left around 7:30 on Sunday morning, right on time. We made it into NC and Annie fell asleep and slept for a while, really, because our first stop was in VA at a rest area to have a bottle and stretch our legs. Riley explored the rest area, which was actually pretty cool.

So, after a short rest, we got back in the car and drove some more! We stopped for lunch, still in VA and Riley spotted this:

After lunch, we once again returned to the car and finally made it to PA before stopping again for another bottle and a rest....

A bit later we stopped once again, this time for the night, somewhere around Allentown, PA. We had a pretty nice hotel with an indoor pool, which was a requirement. We decided it would be a good way to get out some energy, and for Todd and I to relax a little before bed. The girls had a great time playing in the room, and then both had a bit of a hard time going to sleep until they both finally crashed. Annie woke once that night, which wasn't bad considering how much she does not like sleeping in a pack and play...

And then the next morning we were back on the road around 8am and made it to Westerly around 12:30!!! Just in time for lunch. We were all tired, but we made it with out sanity intact and ready to start our vacation!!

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