Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Day In the Life

1. Arrive at school around 5 pm to pick up kids.
2. Pick up big kid first, as instructed each day.
3. Get yelled at by big kid that I am too early- go away because she was finishing an art project.
4. Go to pick up little kid instead. Get a blank look, but finally a smile. Think she is upset because big kid is not there.
5. Pick up big kid, go home.
6. Big kid asks to ride bike. Say it is cold out, but ok.
7. Get little kid all bundled up to go outside and buckled into stroller.
8. Go outside
9. Big kid decides, yeah, it is too cold. Wants to go back in.
10. Go back inside.
11. Attempt to make dinner- put little kid in excersaucer.
12. Little kid cries.
13. Pick up little kid, calm her down. Put her on floor in play gym.
14. Attempt to make dinner
15. Dog licks little kid. Big kids yells and hits dog.
16. Get dog away. Attempt to make dinner
17. Dog licks little kid. Big kid yells at dog some more.
18. Dinner ready.
19. Try to put little kid in high chair. Little kid cries. Big kid eats.
20. Hold little kid on lap. Try to feed pears. Won't eat them. Starts to fuss.
21. Try to nurse little kid while sitting at the table. Little kid does not want to nurse.
22. Try to eat own dinner. Little kid tries to grab spoon.
23. Try to feed little kid again, eats a little.
24. Big kid wants more. Can't put little kid down. Tell big kid to bring plate into kitchen.
25. Put food on plate- dog tries to eat. Big kid yells.
26. Finally finish dinner. Go upstairs. Start running tubs.
27. Little kid on floor in room- starts to cry.
28. Big kid tries to calm down, gets on top of little kid. Yell at big kid to stop.
29. Finish tubs. Tell big kid to take clothes off while I undress little kid.
30. Big kid yells- needs help. Go into room to help big kid, little kid starts to cry.
31. Try to put big kid in tub- has to poop.
32. While big kid poops, pick up little kid and rock- she is not dressed.
33. Little kid pees on me.
34. Put little kid on floor- starts to cry. Change clothes.
33. Big kid done- gets on top of little kid to calm her down.
34. Yell at big kid to get off of little kid.
35. Try to put big kid in bath. Decides she has to pee now.
36. Put big kid in bath.
37. Go back for little kid. Pick her up- she spits up on my new shirt.
38. Bathe kids.
39. Get little kid dressed, get big kid out of tub.
40. Start nursing little kid while big kid gets dressed.
41. Big kid watches movie.
42. Little kid falls asleep.
43. Dad comes home.
44. Big kid goes to bed.
45. Mama goes to bed.
46. It is 7:45pm

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Karen said...

OH, that's not even a whole day. I'm tired. :)