Monday, January 12, 2009


Last week was a rough week. Annie started her new school, and did really well in all ways...except one. For those of you who know us IRL, or read this blog consistently, you can probably guess which way that was....yup- that's right. SLEEPING!!!

I was worried about her napping at the new school, and I was right. It is really just one big room, and Annie is such a little busy-body lately, I guess she decided there was too much going on for her to nap...silly adults, napping is for babies!

So, a sleepless Annie makes a very cranky, tired Annie at the end of the day. With the exception of one day last week, I had a very fussy baby at dinner time who didn't want to eat, who only wanted to be held and who could barely wait to get into bed. Of course, this didn't translate into her sleeping better at night- in fact, it made it worse. So, cranky baby+not eating+not sleeping at night= one super tired, cranky mama!!!!

Fortunately, she did ok with naps this weekend, and I am told she slept better today at school, so maybe it will just take some time to get used to a new place, a new crib, new teachers and a new routine. That is a lot for a little person to take in.

And she was much, much happier tonight....I felt like I had my happy baby back once again....

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