Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Annie goes to college

Annie started her new school on Monday...she is now officially a college student! Well, not really...but she does go to Riley's school and it is on a college campus. Same thing, right?

She did well on her first day. She didn't sleep much, but I kind of expected that. The baby room is just one big room, so all of the cribs are in the room, and she is used to sleeping separately. But other than that, they said she did great. Riley saw her in the afternoon when they rode by on the Baby Buggy (a great big red contraption that they strap the babies into and wheel them around). And of course, being the great big sister that she is, Riley demanded that we both drop Annie off in the morning and pick her up together in the afternoon!

Yesterday she had a better sleeping day- she napped for an hour in the morning and off and on in the afternoon. And it was rainy, so they visited Riley in her classroom twice, which Riley really got a kick out of!

AND....guess who slept 6.STRAIGHT.HOURS last night......if you guessed Annie, you would be totally correct!!!!!!!!! She went to sleep at 7:30, woke at 1:30 to nurse and slept through until 6am!!!! Of course, 6 is a little earlier than usual, so I put her back down to sleep until 7 and then she didn't want to wake up....but she did SO GOOD!!!!! It probably helped that I filled her totally up last night- she nursed, then she ate 1/2 jar of sweet potatoes (which she LOVED, BTW) and then I gave her a bottle....

SOOOOO hoping she does that again tonight.....

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