Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

Todd and I had Parent Teacher Conferences at Riley's school last week. It was supposed to be on Monday and Tuesday nights, but I was out of town so we arranged to meet her teacher, Mrs. Graham, at school on Thursday afternoon. Of course, no surprises- her teacher talked about what a great student Riley is, so smart, very articulate, interacts social well with all of the children....and on and on!! She got a "report card", which was really just a list of things that she should be able to do at this point, and scored well on everything, with the exception of knowing her zip code (which she really DOES know, and for some reason did not answer correctly that day).

We also asked about her reading level, because the books she is bringing home are still way to simple for her....she reads them in a matter of seconds. Mrs. Graham actually said that those books were the highest level they have for kindergarten, so she will need to get some new baskets from the 1st grade!! And I have no doubt that she will finish those level books, too....I believe she is probably reading at a 2nd to 3rd grade level, although she has some issues with comprehension the higher she goes....

So, basically, a glowing little genius!!!

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Karen said...

But of course it was a glowing report. I'm so impressed by her reading!