Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween, Part Deux

So, Halloween day was rainy and cold and dreary and I was afraid that Trick-or-Treating would get rained out :( Fortunately, the mall here in town does a T-or-T, so we decided to go so at least Riley and Annie would get a little bit of candy, and then maybe we would get lucky and the rain would stop.

So, we got the girls all dressed up and we headed there about 4 pm. Thank goodness we got there early (it started at 4), because there were a TON of people and kids there, and as we walked around, stores were already running out of candy. Apparently, the entire city had the same thought I did! We saw Laney there, but she wasn't feeling well, and we were going to get something to eat, so we didn't chat for long.

We decided to get something to eat while we were there, which turned out to be a mistake on my part...not sure if Annie was tired or just cranky or just being a toddler, but she DID NOT want to sit in the highchair, she did not want to eat- at all- and she was just all together a mess. The only time she was happy was when I left the restaurant with her and we walked around the mall- then she was all smiles!

Anyway, when we got home, Annie went right to bed! The weather looked ok, so Todd and Riley decided to brave it, and headed out in the neighborhood and did their T-or-T thing.....until it started POURING down rain on them...and back they came, soaked, but Riley did not care one bit....she had a bag full of candy and she was happy as could be!!

So, that was our Halloween....not perfect, of course, but the girls had fun and that is all that matters....

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